Examining social media could allow researchers an avenue to down the nation. Researchers have developed an online interactive platform that measures the “caloric content” of the nation’s social media posts, revealing eating habits by state.

A review of 21 studies including more than 20,000 women found a 25 percent improved rate of patient outcomes in women participating in obstetrics and gynecology clinical trial when compared to those not participating.

Communication is key in high quality care—and what could be easier than sending an email? A study, published in Journal of Medical Internet Research, examines patient interest in receiving email communications from healthcare providers.

Accurate results on A1c blood sugar tests are crucial for patients to monitor and treat themselves accordingly. Researchers, whose work was published Feb 7, 2017, in the Journal of the American Medical Association, examined data from two large studies to determine if a difference in A1c levels in African American patients with sickle cell trait.



Electronic medical records (EMR) is the standard in patient data for many hospitals, but the impact is less well understood in mental healthcare. A study, published in Journal of Medical Internet Research: Medical Informatics, examines the effects of electronic records on patient outcomes in a mental healthcare facility.