- Price transparency

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has posted the third annual release of the Medicare hospital utilization and payment dataand the second annual release of the physician and other supplier utilization and payment data

 - future

A year in the making, the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) released its EHR 2020 report that details recommendations to accelerate the development of EHRs over the next five years and better support patient-centric care.

 - Safety First

BOSTON—A strong focus on patient safety led Adventist Health System to know the most frequent ways it harmed patients by 2009 and launch a system-wide effort to drive down those harms, said Loren Hauck, MD, CMO, speaking at AMIA’s iHealth 2015 Conference.

 - John D. Halamka, MD

BOSTON—A provocative trio of Boston-based thoughtleaders closed out AMIA’s iHealth 2015 Conference on May 29 discussing the current state of health IT.

 - Checklist

As the deadline looms for submitting comments on the proposed rules for Meaningful Use Stage 3 and EHR Certification, several professional associations shared their criticism and recommendations and they have a lot to say.