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Cara Livernois
News Writer
As a News Writer at TriMed Media Group, Cara covers breaking news across several facets of the healthcare industry for all of TriMed's brands.

A spokesperson from Bayer has revealed two reports of U.S. customers having devices infected by the WannaCry ransomware. 

Accuracy is pivotal in providing quality care, but many wearables used to monitor cardiovascular health have not been extensively evaluated for accuracy. A study, published in the Journal of Personalized Medicine, tested seven of the most popular wrist-worn devices for accuracy in heart rate monitoring and energy expenditure.

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Chief Information Officers (CIOs) main responsibility is to implement technology within their healthcare system to improve patient care while keeping data secure. In a recent survey, conducted by CHIME and presented by Spok, analyzes exactly what hospital CIOs think about data security and clinical mobility.

The abundance of mobile health technologies available collectively aimed to transform healthcare, yet it has struggled to reach its true potential. Without answering the question of how technology can solve a certain problem, mobile health could remain stuck in limbo. 

Electronic medical records (EMRs) now span all over the globe, but some are doing better than others at traveling abroad. The recently released “Global EMR Market Share 2017” report, conducted by KLAS, evaluated new contracts to EMR systems around the world.

If you believe the American healthcare system is in desperate need of a savior, researchers may have found a solution: the development of artificial intelligence. With computers, smartphones and mobile applications becoming commonplace within health organizations, artificial intelligence is poised to be next on the list of integrated healthcare technology.

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Under President Donald Trump's proposed budget, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) will lose $22 million in funding. The 36 percent reduction cuts the $60 million for ONC to $38 million in 2018.

Preventing surgical site infections could be as easy as shutting the door. Researchers testing air quality in operating rooms (ORs) found that repeatedly opening and closing the OR door increased particle distributions and the risk of contamination.

The nearly six million people living with heart failure face a life of monitoring the disease in the event it worsens. This often involves traveling to a physician on a routine basis, but scientists have opened an avenue to in-home monitoring with a simple paper test strip.

Monitoring hospital patients requires more than what conventional fitness trackers can offer. Leaf Healthcare unveiled a comprehensive mobility monitoring system at the American Association of Critical Care Nurses' National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition in Houston.