7 health IT findings from the 2017 Healthcare Prognosis survey

President Donald Trump has had a bit of a turbulent relationship with the healthcare industry, with plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act seemingly in limbo after House Republicans pulled a potential bill before it faced a vote. The Venrock 2017 Healthcare Prognosis survey evaluated how healthcare delivery, policy and information technology companies view the landscape with the new administration.

The survey featured 274 participants from start-ups, large employers and insurance companies to gauge how the industry views the potential for change under the Trump administration.

Top findings included:

  • 12 percent of respondents expect telemedicine to be the least challenged under the new administration, while 10 percent chose wearables.
  • Respondents expect a 60 percent increase in the number of healthcare companies within two years.
  • 72 percent think the Affordable Care Act should be repaired or renamed, 8 percent are in favor of straight repeal and 20 percent hope for repeal and replace.
  • 87 percent believe consolidation of healthcare IT start-ups will increase in the next two years.
  • 85 percent anticipate additional challenges in receiving financing for private healthcare IT companies.
  • 66 percent believe accountable care organizations will be the most challenged health IT subsection under the new administration.
  • 46 percent believe economic uncertainty is the main concern facing healthcare IT innovation within the year.