ACOs name interoperability as top challenge

A new report names interoperability as the biggest challenge facing accountable care organizations (ACOs).

Seventy-nine percent of respondents said connecting with providers outside of their ACO is a top challenge, according to a report from Premier and eHealth Initiative. The report, called "The Evolving Nature of Accountable Care," was compiled based on a survey of 68 ACOs.

More than half (53 percent) of ACOs have not integrated data from behavioral health providers; 48 percent have not integrated data from long-term and post-acute care providers; and 46 percent have not integrated data from palliative and hospice organizations.

Overall, 74 percent of ACOs use EHRs, according to survey results.

The survey also found the following:

  • 84 percent of respondents reported having data analytics software;
  • 61 percent reported having case management software;
  • 61 percent said they allowed their patients to access their medical records through an EHR portal;
  • 57 percent reported using computerized physician order entry;
  • 55 percent reported having a data warehouse;  
  • 44 percent reported having disease registries and population health dashboards;
  • 26 percent reported using telemedicine tools; and
  • 16 percent were involved in electronic remote patient monitoring.