Cal INDEX, Inland Empire merge to form largest HIE in California

The California Integrated Data Exchange (Cal INDEX) and Inland Empire Health Information Exchange (IEHIE) announced plans to merge, forming the largest nonprofit health information exchange (HIE) in California.

The combination of Cal INDEX's 11.7 million claims records with the five million clinical patient records with IEHIE's 150 partners will be led by former White House technology senior advisor Claudia Williams. With over 25 years of experience in healthcare technology, Williams background makes her the top pick for CEO of this merger.

"The creation of this new statewide health information exchange by IEHIE and Cal INDEX is an important milestone in transforming California's healthcare system into a coordinated system that delivers higher quality and more efficient care to all Californians," said Bradley Gilbert, MD, MPP, chairman of the IEHIE board. 

Mark Savage, chairman of the Cal INDEX board, added: "Claudia is the ideal candidate to lead this new entity. She is a strategic and transformational leader with national experience managing and scaling health information exchanges. With Claudia, California's statewide HIE gets the rare combination of breadth and depth."

HIE provides the ability to review and analyze complete lists of patient data makes for more effective care for the people pf California.

"I'm thrilled by the opportunity to lead the new organization and collaborate with our partners to improve patient care for all Californians," said Williams. "Our goal is to deliver compelling products and services that support California's hospitals, providers and patients in their efforts to improve care coordination, reduce inefficiencies, address gaps in care and enhance patient experience."