Epic eyes improved interoperability with Share Everywhere system

Epic has introduced Share Everywhere, allowing for the sharing of electronic health records (EHRs) across all systems.

Share Everywhere improves interoperability between systems by allowing patients to grant access to their health records to any provider with access to the internet. The system, which allows for sharing even without an already implemented EHR system, gives physicians the ability to share data and send notes to patient’s healthcare organizations without interruption for improved continuity of care.

Following the development of Care Everywhere, the technology that allows for the sharing with other Epic systems and non-Epic systems, Share Everywhere goes a step further by also allowing for patients to view their records on their smartphones. The patient can decide who is able to view her records to maximize security, while Epic records all access.

“Patients should be able to easily share their health information with anyone they choose, no matter where they are. Share Everywhere now makes this possible,” said Janet Campbell, Epic's vice president of patient engagement.