HHS announces Phase 2 winners in data-sharing competition

HHS's Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) has announced the winners of the Phase 2 in the Move Health Data Forward Challenge, a competition for developers to build applications for the secure sharing of health information.

As a part of the ONC’s mission to improve the security and privacy of health information, the challenge pushes developers to improve the flow of health information. Before entering Phase 2, 10 Phase 1 winners were chosen and each awarded $5,000. Phase 2 will begin with developers demonstrating how their apps meet the needs for the secure sharing of health information. Each Phase 2 winner will also receive $20,000.

Phase 2 winners include:

  • CedarBridge Group: The team developed CareApprove, an app that gives patients the power to give and revoke permission to view health information. This app is compatible with electronic health records (EHRs) to maintain communication with a secure messaging system.  
  • EMR Direct: HealthToGo facilitates the deployment of apps capable collecting data from multiple sources, cutting the number of identities consumers have and giving them a single space to manage health data.
  • Foxhall Wythe: Docket stores and shares data through a secure system while promoting HIPAA compliance through user-managed access and encryption for all information.
  • Live and Leave Well: Live and Leave Well gives patients control of end of life plans with the creation of a transportable data package that can be shared using an application program interface’s direct integration.
  • Lush Group: HealthyMePHR lets patients share and give authorization to view EHRs. It also includes a resource server that provides HEART-enabled data and an authorization server to support patient policy and allow authorized users to view a patient’s records.

Following Phase 2, two Phase 3 winners will receive $50,000 awards.