New system from Veeva meant to streamline clinical trials

The life sciences technology company Veeva Systems announced a new set of software June 22 meant to provide access to clinical data on multiple different platforms.

The program, called Veeva Valut CTMS, is designed to run from the cloud, the company explained in a statement, so physicians and scientists can keep track of clinical information across devices in real time. The company claimed the release of this product is the first time that would be possible.

“We are filling a significant gap in the industry with a unified suite of applications to provide one process, one system and one view within and across clinical trials. For the first time, life sciences companies will be able to get full visibility into their clinical operations,” said Senior Vice President Jennifer Goldsmith in a statement.

The company has other cloud-based systems meant for clinical trial use, including Veeva Vault eTMF and Veeva Vault Study Startup. They said the use of these programs can help make sure all aspects of a clinical trial can be viewed and used by multiple people in multiple locations across multiple platforms and devices without interrupting the trial’s efficiency.