Orbita introduces HIPAA-compliant home health monitoring system

Orbita has introduce a cloud-based network to improve the connectivity of home healthcare devices, allowing patients to create, manage and deliver digital home healthcare information to hospitals and physicians.

The Orbita platform, the first such system to be HIPAA compliant, allows patient data from wearable technology to be shared on a network where patients and physician can see information. The platform shows patients what they need to improve and provides physicians insights into how patient care can be optimized.

“If economics and demographics are the driving forces in home healthcare, technology is the engine revolutionizing how it is being delivered,” said Orbita founder and CEO Bill Rogers. “Wireless connectivity, smartphones and connected devices are the current superstars of digital health, but truly transforming connected home healthcare requires a focus on capabilities that directly impact patient engagement and provider efficiency. We’re excited to bring to market the first purpose-built platform that includes all these capabilities in a single package.”

The Orbita system is customizable to fit the exact needs of the user and integrates seamlessly with many home health wearable technologies to show patients exactly what is going on in their own health and give them the initiative to change it. The system gives accurate measurements using analytics to create personalized alerts to eliminate “alert fatigue."

“The healthcare industry is full of inflexible connected home health applications that do not adapt to the changing needs of the patient. The Orbita platform was designed from the bottom up to enable powerful, connected home healthcare applications that flexibly adapt to the changing needs of the patient, as well as their friends and family caregivers, and their healthcare providers,” said Rogers.