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There’s a new trend in HIEs–image sharing. Universal viewers are linking physicians with images to allow review anywhere. It’s time to take a look.
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Many feel that the EMR is central to the health of the enterprise and promises to meet many needs. However, as stakeholders drill down into individual departments, there are areas where the EMR may fail to address the specific workflow of the caregivers in those specialties.
Optimizing Effective Cancer Care at NIH
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See how leading radiologists and oncologists at NIH are using technology such as semi-automated cancer lesion management and multi-media reporting software to reliably, consistently and quickly distribute reports in oncology follow up and treatment planning.
How Interoperable Technology Can Enhance the Efficiency of Radiology & IT
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With digital radiology, PACS and RIS in use for 15 years or more at most US hospitals, a disparate system architecture is now the reality for most departments. Multiple PACS and mini-PACS populate the environment, resulting in inefficiencies, increased operating costs, and reduced throughput for...
Enhance Radiologist Productivity with a More Agile PACS Environment
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The disparate system architecture existing in most radiology departments today has resulted from the addition of multiple, dedicated workstations and mini-PACS to the environment without adequate integration into the workflow.