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Enhance Radiologist Productivity with a More Agile PACS Environment
Sponsored by an educational grant from GE Healthcare
The disparate system architecture existing in most radiology departments today has resulted from the addition of multiple, dedicated workstations and mini-PACS to the environment without adequate integration into the workflow.
Webinar: Northwest ImageShare: Linking Images, Clinicians & Care
Sponsored by an educational grant from Sectra
Getting images via health information exchange represents a unique technical challenge—and opportunity for collaboration.
Webinar: Next-gen Productivity for Enterprise Imaging
Sponsored by an educational grant from GE Healthcare
Radiology departments have been seeking ways to work better—managing images from multiple PACS and multiple departments and seeking to increase radiologists' reading efficiency by delivering more information to their workstation. But in a world of disparate PACS and multi-ology images, what is...
2012 CMIO Leadership Forum Roundtable Discussion
Sponsored by an educational grant from Clinical Key
At the close of the CMIO Leadership Forum: Transforming Healthcare Through Evidence-based Medicine, we invited five luminaries to build on the abundant discussions and dive deeper into the quality of the evidence in medicine, the lack of evidence in many cases, the struggle to engage physicians...
 - Louis M. Lannum
Sponsored by an educational grant from Agfa HealthCare
During the last 20 years, imaging informatics has morphed from an island owned and populated by radiology to a series of enterprise systems. The march of progress continues with widespread adoption of EMRs and the increasing role of imaging.