Advanced Sterilization Products receives FDA clearance for sterilization testing tool

Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) have received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the STERRAD VELOCITY Biological Indicator (BI) System. This system, which tests tools for proper sterilization, is able to cut time when receiving test results from hours to 30 minutes.

"With a significantly shorter wait time, STERRAD VELOCITY reduces the risk of hospital sterilization departments releasing instruments prior to BI confirmation," said Amy Smith, Vice President, ASP Global Marketing. "Now they will finally be able to know with certainty that proper sterilization conditions have been achieved before the instruments are used in patients."

Sterilization in a hospital is key in ensuing patients are treated with clean instruments without the risk of acquiring an infection. With current methods, testing devices are slow in proving clear results as to whether a tool is properly sterilized, effecting patient outcomes. With the BI system, sterilization professionals are able to receive results faster and can push operating room workflow faster and with peace of mind the tool are cleaned.

"As the only company that offers an integrated, end-to-end sterilization solution, ASP is in a unique position to help customers elevate patient safety while also maximizing compliance and efficiency in their daily routine," said Smith. "Our complete ecosystem is designed to work together to provide the most accurate results. This ensures the lives of patients are better protected at a time when they are already vulnerable – when they are in hospitals and undergoing potentially life-changing procedures."