AMA joins leading companies, organizations to develop data model

The American Medical Association (AMA) has partnered with IBM, Cerner, Intermountain Healthcare, the American Heart Association and the American Medical Informatics Association to develop the Integrated Health Model Initiative (IHMI).

“We spend more than three trillion dollars a year on health care in America and generate more health data than ever before. Yet some of the most meaningful data—data to unlock potential improvements in patient outcomes—is fragmented, inaccessible or incomplete,” said AMA CEO James L. Madara, MD. “The collaborative effort of IHMI will help the health system learn how to collect, organize and exchange patient-centered data in a common structure that captures what is most important for improving care and long-term wellness, and transform the data into a rich stream of accessible and actionable information.”

The evolution of health data by bringing health and technology sectors together aims to provide healthcare professionals with the framework for improved interoperability, patient-centric information and predictive data analytics to achieve better care outcomes. With IHMI, providers are equipped with a digital platform, clinical validation process and data model for the organization and sharing of health information.

“IHMI is the latest development in the AMA’s ongoing work to build bridges with health technology leaders and bring the physician voice into the innovation space. Patients deserve—and the marketplace should expect—physician input on the real-world value and feasibility of products and health technologies,” said AMA Senior Vice President of Health Solutions Laurie McGraw. “With a proven track record as a trusted, neutral convener, the AMA is uniquely qualified to lead and facilitate a collaboration that helps physicians take on a greater role in leading changes that will move technological innovations forward.”