FDA clears Excel Medical predictive algorithm for patient monitoring

Excel Medical has received FDA clearance for WAVE Clinical Platform, a remote patient monitoring and predictive algorithm.

The WAVE includes a remote monitoring platform capable of producing real-time clinical data such as waveforms and alarms for at-risk patients through hospital workstations, mobile devices and electronic health records. Additionally, the predictive algorithm can determine patient risk to help prevent deterioration up to six hours before conventional methods. In testing the algorithms accuracy, researchers found it was able to improve prediction of death in all six of the patients within the control group.

“Everything we do as an organization aligns toward and supports the goal of eradicating unexpected deaths in hospitals. People may say zero unexpected deaths is unattainable. We say anything other than zero is unconscionable,” said Lance Burton, general manager with Excel Medical. “We look forward to bringing other revolutionary predictive algorithms to the WAVE platform soon, many of which are currently under development.”