Google AI has IQ of 47, about that of 1st-grader

Artificial intelligence (AI) has a long way to go before it outsmarts the average person, according to a report published in Annals of Data Science. The report aims to unite AI and human characteristics to improve overall knowledge of AI.

AI, while it may have many possible uses in healthcare, must be proven in knowledge before entering the care continuum. In this report, researchers examine the intelligence quotient IQ of AI systems including Google, Microsoft’s Bing, Baidu and Siri.

To evaluate the IQ of the AI platforms, researchers evaluaed the aspects of knowledge, input, output, mastery and creation. According to the report, in 2014, Google AI had the highest IQ of 26.5, followed by Baidu at 23.5. While these measurements are below the average IQ of a 6-year-old (55.5), 2016 evaluations showed improvement over time.

In 2016, Google’s AI was measuered to have an IQ of 47.28. Followed by Baidu at 32.9, Bing at 31.9 and SIRI at 23.9. While these aspects of knowledge still remain lower than a 6-year-old, the report shows significant growth. With the stride of technology and AI only gaining, researchers predict AIs’ IQ to continue to grow and eventually pass first-graders in knowledge.