ivWatch receives innovative technology contract from Vizient

ivWatch, providers of continuous monitoring devices, has been awarded the Innovative Technology contract from the healthcare performance improvement provider Vizient.

The award comes to ivWatch for their ivWatch Model 400 device, which continuously monitors a patient’s peripheral IV for infiltrations. About 80 percent of all patients in the U.S. require IV use for treatment, and 20 percent of these IV fails because of infiltration, putting the patient at risk for incorrect drug delivery and tissue damage. The ivWatch sensor technology is able to detect their failures

"The Innovative Technology contract gives Vizient's diverse membership a simple and more affordable means for adopting continuous IV monitoring and validates the excitement we've seen in hospitals across the country about our unique technology," said Gary Warren, president and CEO of ivWatch. "IV infiltration is a major problem that can lead to serious medical complications and even amputation. This contract with Vizient is one more step towards our vision of eliminating the harm associated with IV infiltrations."

The Innovative Technology contract, provided by Vizient, focuses on technology that shows improved care and patient safety to healthcare organizations.