NSF awards $893K in grants for data mining EHRs

The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded three Texas universities a cumulative $892,587 to develop an EHR data mining framework to conduct risk stratification for personalized intervention.

The three award winners—University of Texas at Arlington, Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center at Dallas—will develop computational tools to automate EMR processing; annotation of unstructured free-text EMRs using multi-label, multi-instance learning; and a new model to predict readmission risk for heart failure patients and support personalized intervention.

The methods and tools are expected to impact other EMRs and public health research. This project also brings research-based advanced training of students and integration of research results into curricula at the three Texas universities, according to the study.

“The increasingly large amounts of EMR data offer unprecedented opportunities for EMR data mining to enhance healthcare experiences for personalized intervention, improve different diseases risk stratifications and facilitate understanding about disease and appropriate treatment,” according to the collaborative study’s abstract.