Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation receives $172K grant

The Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation (PCCI), a Texas-based research and development corporation specializing in clinical prediction and surveillance models, received a $172,000 boost from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, according to a June 10 press release.

With this funding, PCCI will form a collaboration of informaticists, health services researchers, statisticians, and legal and ethical experts, according to the announcement. Set to meet in Washington D.C., they will be charged identifying how to harness real-time healthcare predictive analytics to improve patient outcomes and costs.

According to the announcement, the experts will collaborate on ways to:

  • improve model transparency and validation;
  • remove digital barriers that keep safety-net systems from benefiting from often costly decision support technologies;
  • tap into new data sources to greater understand a patient's health; and
  • consider legal and ethical frameworks needed in the field. 

"Healthcare must be redesigned to integrate multiple elements—information technology and decision support, medical technology, interprofessional team-based care, practices that are based on evidence, systems engineering and continual learning," George Bo-Linn, chief program officer for the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation's patient care program said in a statement. "Predictive analytics is a key component of this integrated design."