Patient engagement reduces readmission from chronic conditions

West Virginia's Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC), after its implementation of the patient engagement and education system, has reduced readmission of patients with chronic conditions such as congestive heart failure (CHF) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The SmarTigr system uses smart TVs, software platforms, mobile applications and interactive videos to educate patients and increase their engagement in their own care. The system also goes one step further with condition-specific tools, activity reports and patient monitoring.  

“Many patients are visual learners and can better retain information from videos than from reading patient handouts. Videos along with corresponding quizzes through the television in their room stimulate conversation and facilitate learning for the whole family,” said Don Lilly, MD. a cardiologist and associate chief medical officer at CAMC. “When patients involve their own family members in the process, they have more support and a greater chance of compliance once they go home. That helps to keep them from coming back to the hospital.”

With the addition of SmarTigr and its tools, CAMC has reduced readmission of CHF by 22 percent and COPD by 30 percent. By offering the engagement system, patients were able to educate themselves through many different facets to take charge of their care. The improved coordination of care between physicians and patients improves results while also improving clinical workflows.

“Seeing this positive trend in reducing readmissions and improving satisfaction has led other units and departments to look at the patient engagement system as a way to improve delivery of education and better prepare patients for taking care of themselves after discharge,” said Beverly Thornton, RN, CAMC education director.