Seattle firm aims to develop self-driving hospital to go to patients

Artefact, a Seattle-based design firm, is bringing the hospital to patients with what it calls a hospital in a self-driving car. "Aim" aims to bring healthcare into the future with all the amenities of a hospital without the need to travel.

Aim, with artificial intelligence-enabled home technologies to track vital signs, is able to monitor a user's health and call a self-driving hospital when needed. The hospital car is able to travel directly to patient at home or work. Aim can take measurements including weight, blood pressure, body mass index and heart rate. A screen provides also allows for patients to receive care instructions. Aim also comes with a built-in pharmacy, using artificial intelligence to fill prescriptions on the spot.

“Aim is about creating an environment or a system where more positive health outcomes can occur—More engagement with patients, technology with clinicians, and transparency from a standpoint of economic value.”

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