Voice recognition, cloud technology allow radiologists to work anywhere

Avreo has released the Avreo Cloud VR, allowing radiologist to use cloud-based speech technology to securely develop image interpretations from anywhere that uses interWORKS.

By enabling the Avreo Cloud VR subscription, radiologists are able to activate the voice recognition technology within interWORKS. The extensive medical vocabulary within the system, paired with the ability for the software to learn as it is being used, allows radiologists to engage in VR training. Current users have noted the system to be accurate in voice recognition.

"Avreo Cloud VR has enabled our customers to utilize a leading-edge voice recognition system without adding additional servers or installing software on every workstation where the radiologist accesses interWORKS," said Jonah Still, chief technology officer of Avreo. "With further integration to the Nuance PowerMic and Philips SpeechMike microphones, radiologists truly can 'Work Anywhere' to view diagnostic images and render a diagnosis within seconds to minutes."