Advocacy org releases framework on care plans

The Consumer Partnership for eHealth, which represents advocacy organizations, released its framework for CarePlans 2.0, which the organizations describe as "the next generation" of care plans.

CarePlans 2.0 “should function as a roadmap for patients, families and healthcare providers to follow toward the best possible health or functioning,” according to the 8-page document.

“To achieve robust and effective planning and communication, we must move beyond our mental construct of a care plan as a document fixed in time, to a multidimensional, person-centered health and care planning process built on a dynamic, electronic platform,” the report advised.

The plan advocates for the following consumer principles regarding care plans:

  1. Health and care plans should be goal-oriented, dynamic tools.
  2. Tools that facilitate health and care planning should enable all care team members to securely access and contribute information in accordance with their roles.
  3. Health and care plans should identify and reflect the ability and readiness of individuals, including caregivers, to successfully meet the individual’s goals and potential challenges.
  4. Health and care planning and tools should facilitate decision-making and specify accountability.
  5. Every individual would benefit from health and care planning and tools.

Read the framework here.