Philips launches AgingWell Hub

Philips has launched its AgingWell Hub (AWH), a research center for open innovation that will examine and share solutions for aging well.

The initiative will identify new technologies, products and services, as well as provide thought leadership in collaboration with older adults, caregivers, healthcare systems, payers, policy makers, corporate innovators, entrepreneurs and academia, according to a company announcement. The AWH also will seek solutions to improve technology adoption among older adults and make aging well a reality for more people, by enabling them to better connect with their communities and healthcare providers. 

In the first phase of this initiative, Philips will collaborate with industry and issue experts, including leaders with a common interest in aging well such as American Architectural Foundation (AAF), eHealth Initiative, the Global Social Enterprise Initiative (GSEI) at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University Urban and Regional Planning Program, Humana, MedStar Health, Merck, Respect a Caregiver’s Time (ReAct), Smart Living 360, StreetScape USA, Westchester County’s Department of Senior Programs and Services (New York) and the Gary and Mary West Health Institute. AWH thought leaders and experts will create a blueprint for a research hub, expected to be based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In addition, Philips is in discussion with the MIT AgeLab to advise on the lab design and research program.

“This rapidly growing segment of the population has critical needs that are not being met,” said Kimberly O’Loughlin, senior vice president and general manager of Philips Home Monitoring. “By bringing awareness, collaborating with industry leaders and innovators, and creating an ongoing dialogue, we can help drive solutions that allow older adults to remain independent, healthy and socially engaged. Transforming the experience, improving outcomes and lowering costs requires that we work together to drive simplicity and interoperability. The AWH gives us a platform to test and learn and innovate together.”

The Philips AgingWell Hub's three key focus areas are driving open innovation, sharing thought leadership and promoting a positive image of aging.