ePatientFinder, M3 join to bring clinical trials to patients

ePatientFinder, which uses electronic health reacords (EHRs) in clinical trial recruitment, has partnered with M3 Inc. to include its information and website services to add an additional two million physicians to ePatientFinder's recruitment platform.

Currently, the lack of easily accessible information on clinical trials has led to a low referral rate by physicians to their patients that could potentially gain from such treatment.

"The ePatientFinder clinical trial recruitment solution aligns perfectly with M3's mission to educate and inform physicians, especially as it relates to giving them the tools they need to help their patients," said Aki Tomaru, CEO of M3.

Paring ePatientFinders EHR filtering processes and M3’s digital information health serviceswhich include daily updated clinical information and news, market research, ethical drug promotion, clinical development and clinic appointment services—may produce in an influx of patients ready to be included in the clinical trial process.

"With numerous EHR partners, our platform already includes access to millions of patient lives and tens of thousands of providers," said Tom Dorsett, CEO and President of ePatientFinder. "This partnership with M3 greatly expands our network of potential referring physicians, ensuring that they, too, will be aware of life-changing, or even life-saving, clinical trials that they—or their patients—likely would not have known about otherwise."