Quest Diagnostics develops app for cognitive testing

Quest Diagnostics is pushing cognitive testing into a new age with the development of CogniSense, a digital cognitive assessment app that can produce results more efficiently and more quickly than conventional testing.

"CogniSense addresses a gap in cognitive health assessment todaya lack of digital technology that seamlessly integrates results into a patient's electronic health records to track cognitive function and disease progression over time," said Edward I. Ginns, MD, PhD, medical director, neurology, for Quest Diagnostics. "CogniSense's features enhance the efficiency and ease of cognitive assessmentespecially in a primary care setting."

CogniSense assesses a patient’s cognitive health through memory recall techniques, information comprehension tests and tablet-based clock drawings. This approach examines memory, orientation and sequential recall. The results become a part of the patient's medical record, allowing physicians to track and monitor patients over time.  

“CogniSense combines Quest's leadership in neurology laboratory diagnostics and healthcare information technology to represent a new type of clinical testing we call 'integrated diagnostics," said Jay G. Wohlgemuth, MD, senior vice president and chief medical officer at Quest Diagnostics. "Integrated diagnostics will be increasingly important to neurological disease diagnosis, particularly dementia, given the dearth of evidence-based guidelines and reliable technologies for facilitating assessment and diagnosis for the globally aging population."