Users will soon be able to view health records on iPhones with Apple’s improved Health app

Apple device users will now have a better way to log and document their health with improvements made in iOS 10, the operating system for the tech giant's mobile devices.

Currently, the Health App on iOS 9 allows users to track their steps, track sleep and nutrition and create a medical ID that can be accessed by physicians in case of an emergency.

But with the upgraded app, which is set to debut this fall when iOS 10 launches, users will be able to upload and store health records in the app, making it more convenient to track paperwork from their providers. Electronic health records (EHRs) an be imported from the Mail app, Safari, Dropbox and other compatible applications.

Additionally, other additions to Apple’s HealthKit in iOS 10 include the ability to specify workout routines and the location and weather conditions at the time of them.

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