mPulse, Harvard partner to engage Medicaid patients with texts

mPulse Mobile, mobile experience management company, has partnered with researchers from Harvard Medical School to study the impact of personalized, interactive text messages to Medicaid participants using two different programs.

The programs aim to assist members chose a primary care physician while also enrolling them in disease management programs. By using interactive and personalized text messaging, the partnership hopes to improve patient engagement and literacy.

“There is a major need for innovation in care delivery and how we can engage patients outside of just the office visit,” said Ateev Mehrotra, MD, MPH, program researcher and associate professor of healthcare policy and medicine at Harvard. “I’ve spent much of my career studying the ability of different interventions to drive advancements in population health management, and I’m excited about the possibility for mPulse Mobile to engage individuals in their health using tailored and interactive text messaging to improve outcomes and lower costs.”

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