VIGILINT, Cleveland Clinic develop telehealth for global travelers

Traveling around the globe comes with a multitude of risks, remaining healthy and unharmed being at the top of the list. VIGILINT and Cleveland Clinic have partnered together to address this concern by developing the Global MedAssist Program (GMAP) telehealth program to worldwide travelers in the case they need medical attention.

With one in 30 travelers needing to seek medical care at some point in their trip abroad, and the lack of resources sometimes available to them, the GMAP was formed to overcome these barriers to international care. The 24/7/365 program gives patient access to VIGILINT’s specialized emergency physicians, as well as Cleveland Clinic’s more than 3,000 physicians from 140 specialties and subspecialties.

“We are excited to join forces with world-renowned healthcare leader Cleveland Clinic to offer the global business community a robust telemedicine solution,” said James Humphlett, VIGILINT Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Sean Siler, VIGILINT’s President and Chief Medical Officer, added, “GMAP is unrivaled in the marketplace, with unparalleled reach and most significantly has an unmatched global network of medical providers and facilities.”

Developed by the increase in need for high quality medical care for travelers, the telehealth program offers health insurance and a point-of contact through a single avenue. With a team that includes physicans from the National Security Council, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the White House Medical Unit, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Health & Human Services, patients are sure to receive high quality telehealth care from anywhere in the world. A single call to the Medial Operations Center puts travelers in the hands of GMAP’s healthcare providers who give individual care solutions and continuity of care.  

“Combining the expertise and capabilities of both organizations provides access and proper guidance on medical issues that may arise to those traveling internationally,” said Jonathan Schaffer, MD, MBA, FACS, Managing Director, Cleveland Clinic Distance Health My Consult. “As a leader in telemedicine and distance health initiatives, GMAP has been developed to remove the geographic barriers to care, anywhere, anytime. We are delighted to be a part of this collaboration.”