Bayer's Medrad device infected by WannaCry Ransomware

In a recent Forbes article, Thomas Fox-Brewster, discusses how WannaCry ransomware infected as many as 200,000 Windows systems, including a handful of medical facilities in the U.S.

In the article, an image of an infected Bayer Medrad device in a U.S. hospital is shown, given to Forbes from a source within the healthcare industry. Although the source could not confirm which hospital was affected or what Bayer model was hacked, Fox-Brewster notes that it “appears to be radiology equipment designed to help improve imaging.”

Fox-Brewster continues, “More specifically, it’s a device used for monitoring what’s known in the industry as a ‘power injector.” A spokesperson for Bayer noted that the opeartions at both sites hit by ransomware were restored within 24 hours and that Bayer would be sending out a Microsoft patch for its Windows-based devices soon.

See what Bayer spokesperson confirmed about the cyber-attack: