Central Ohio Urology Group becomes latest healthcare company to be hacked

The hackers have struck once again, this time attacking the Central Ohio Urology Group in Gahanna, according to The Verge.

The hackers, identifying themselves as Pravy Sektor, a far-right Ukrainian nationalist group, gained access to more than 150 gigabytes of data containing patients’ names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birthand even info such as sperm count and renal ultrasounds.

After accessing this data, the group leaked the information via Twitter. While it remains unknown how many patients where affected, this means major frustrations for anyone who might have visited the healthcare facility.

This is not the first and certainly won’t be the last report of hacking medical information. Reports of hackers in healthcare have been steady with over 49 medical attacks this year alone that have affected a minimum of 500 people. With more than two million people having their information accessed by hackers, this problem is one that continues to grow. The healthcare industry increases its focus on implementing a stricter security policy despite the number of attacks continuing to rise.