CommonWell Health Alliance launches database for patients to access personal health data

More CommonWell Health Alliance patients will have access to their health data as the association extends its current service that will simplify the patient experience.

CommonWell is a non-profit trade association of health IT companies that works to create universal access to health data.

Patients will be able to self-enroll in a database where they can view their health records wherever they get care. The records will also available for sharing with other providers in the network, the company said in a statement.

Eight of CommonWell’s members have already said they will deploy the services, some of which include MediPortal, a patient engagement solutions company, and Integrated Data Services, a medical data provider. Both said they will launch the service by the end of the year.

“Far too often individuals and the people who care for them are stymied by the onerous task of accessing their health data,” said Jitin Asanaani, executive director CommonWell, in a statement. “CommonWell and its members are dedicated to helping break down the barriers that make it difficult for patients to access that information. By enabling these services, our CommonWell members will empower people to be more engaged in managing their health and the health of their loved ones.”