HHS introduces tool to provide information on data breaches

The HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has introduced a revised HIPAA Breach Reporting Tool (HBRT) that gives individuals information to improve identification of data breaches and help them understand how they are investigated and resolved.

The tool features navigation for searching information on breaches and reporting incidents. It also shows how breaches are resolved by the OCR so security measures within an organization can be improved.

“HHS heard from the public that we needed to focus more on the most recent breaches and clarify when entities have taken action to resolve the issues that might have led to their breaches,” said HHS Secretary Tom Price, MD. “To that end, we have taken steps to make this website, which features only larger breaches, a more positive, relevant source of information for concerned consumers.”

Public information covered by HIPPA reported to OCR during a breach is available through the tool, including the name of the entity, location, number of affected individuals and the date and type of breach.

“The HBRT provides health care organizations and consumers with the ability to more easily review breaches reported to OCR,” said Roger Severino, the director of OCR. “Furthermore, greater access to timely information strengthens consumer trust and transparency—qualities central to the Administration’s focus on a more innovative and effective government.”