What healthcare can learn from Netwrix report on data security

The recent Netwrix 2017 IT Risks Report examined information technologies professionals across 30 industries to find 75 percent of healthcare systems reported budget and a lack of time as main barriers to improving data security. The report was conducted by Netwrix Corporation to outline the thoughts to IT professionals regarding the data protection.

News regarding data breaches seem constant in the healthcare industry, due to lack of security measures to protect patient data. This report hopes to show exactly what IT professionals think about the current data security landscape and what barriers need addressing in order to achieve patient privacy.

Finding included:

  • 95 percent of healthcare organizations do not use any type of software for security governance or risk management.
  • Healthcare providers focus on endpoint security (61 percent) and security of databases (56 percent).
  • Un structured data stored by third-party vendors (38 percent), bring your own device (29 percent) and shadow IT 931 percent) are the most neglected systems by healthcare organizations.
  • 56 percent believe employees are the biggest risk to security; 38 percent believe hackers are the biggest threat.
  • Malware (59 percent) and human error (47 percent) were the main causes of security incident in 2016.
  • Malicious activity (41 percent) and accidental user activity (29 percent) were the main causes of system downtime in 2016.
  • 31 percent of healthcare organizations believe they are prepared to fight cyber threats.
  • 56 percent of organizations plan to invest in cyber security.