BlackMesh delivers HIPAA-compliant cloud platform

Ashburn, Virginia-based BlackMesh has launched a HIPAA-compliant cloud platform designed to meet the everyday technical and regulatory needs of clinics and hospitals.

The program offers high security for medical data, including EMR, EHR and other healthcare applications, according to a statement from the company.

BlackMesh, founded in 2003, has datacenter locations in Reston, Virginia, Las Vegas and Toronto. Its new platform will better help healthcare organizations use telehealth services while incorporating reliable resource sharing.

“We’re thrilled to officially launch a cloud solution that serves the healthcare community’s unique and complex needs—such as cost savings and secure high-volume data storage,” said BlackMesh President Eric Mandel in a statement. “By offering a compliant and secure cloud platform for managing and maintaining data, BlackMesh is helping the health services industry better collaborate and serve the public.”