ImagineSoftware is Selected by Merge, an IBM Company, to Deliver State-of-the-Art Medical Billing Automation to their Customers

ImagineSoftware today announced it has entered into a strategic agreement with Merge, an IBM company. ImagineSoftware will assume frontline support for Merge Financials and Merge Sentinel customers, and will provide an option for those customers to upgrade to Imagine's innovative platform for medical billing automation.

"The Merge-ImagineSoftware agreement is beneficial for our ambulatory customers in radiology and other specialties, and for both companies," said Anne Le Grand, vice president of imaging at IBM Watson Health. "Merge will focus on developing cloud-based, cognitively-enabled global imaging offerings – a growth area for our business – while ImagineSoftware remains focused on innovation in revenue cycle management and medical billing automation solutions."


ImagineSoftware serves the majority of radiologists across the United States as well as a substantial number of physicians across 25 other specialties. Merge Financials was built on an earlier version of the ImagineSoftware platform, simplifying the migration process for Merge Financials customers. Merge customers choosing to transition will enjoy the latest Imagine platform, with enhanced user experience, functionality, and performance. The same opportunity exists for customers using the Sentinel system, given Imagine's depth of experience with that system.

"This strategic move provides an excellent go-forward vehicle for Merge Financials and Merge Sentinel customers while adding like-minded organizations to the ImagineSoftware community we serve today," said Sam Khashman, CEO of ImagineSoftware. "We remain committed to delivering the most trusted and efficient billing automation and revenue cycle management platform to help improve the financial health, reputation, and patient experience for healthcare organizations."

About ImagineSoftware
ImagineSoftware is a leading provider of billing automation software and revenue management applications, offering powerful technology solutions for medical billing offices, practices, and hospitals, currently serving more than 40,000 physicians. ImagineSoftware solutions improve financial efficiency, build provider reputation, and ultimately improve patient experience. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @ImagineTeam.

About Merge 
Merge, an IBM Company, is a leading provider of innovative enterprise imaging, interoperability and clinical systems that seek to advance healthcare. Merge's enterprise and cloud-based technologies for image intensive specialties provide access using a standard internet browser or mobile device. With solutions that have been used by providers for more than 25 years, Merge is helping to reduce costs and improve efficiencies, which enhances the quality of healthcare worldwide. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @MergeHealthcare.