Survey: Costs of ICD-10 implementation met or exceeded expectations

The Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) published its findings from a March survey examining the implementation of ICD-10. Following implementation in October 2015, a majority of the respondents reported costs being at or above expectation, while delays allowed for the overall transition to be smoother than expected.

According to WEDI’s findings, survey results led to a number of significant observations:

  • The majority of respondents did not expect to realize any return on investment with ICD-10.
  • Vendors and health plans experienced a neutral effect on productivity, while providers’ productivity slightly decreased.
  • Responses indicated the value of early implementation, communication among trading partners and extensive testing.

“WEDI has played a tremendous role in educating the industry and helping to best ease the impacts of the ICD-10 transition for many years,” said Jean Narcisi, chair of WEDI. “We wanted this post-implementation survey to be a closing chapter of assessment on why the transition went so well overall and to also leverage specific lessons learned for future large implementations.”