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Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) are warning patients and physicians about using smart pills until research can prove their successfulness.
On Monday, Sept. 17, Indianapolis-based TriMedx announced plans to buy the healthcare technologies division of Aramark Corporation for $300 million. The two companies have signed a definitive agreement and expect the transaction to be completed by the end of the year.
Cigna is launching a venture fund that will be dedicated to investing in companies with innovative and transformative plans for healthcare.
A research team is questioning the effectiveness of invasive procedures used to treat chronic pain following a study recently published in Pain Medicine.
The state of Connecticut was recently awarded a $12.2 million grant to help support its effort to create a statewide health information exchange.
Researchers are hoping an electronic device used to detect, stop and prevent epileptic seizures in mice can be used to treat other neurological disorders, according to a study published in Science Advances.
A research team has proposed a new method for closing the “evidence-to-practice gap,” so physicians can provide optimal care to patients.
Fibromyalgia patients experienced significant pain reduction thanks to a new device that uses both ultrasound and laser therapy to help treat the disease, according to a pilot study.
A study published Aug. 27 in Nature Human Behaviour showed that scientists are skilled in detected questionable and/or unreliable results.
Patients staying in semi-private hospital rooms have a greater chance of contracting a central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI) when compared to those in private rooms, according to a study published in PLOS One.
Several assistive surgical devices took home top prizes during this year’s Design by Biomedical Undergraduate Teams (DEBUT) challenge, arranged by the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) and VentureWell.
When a medical device is recalled, the “why,” in the most general terms, is obvious—something is defective. But new research further examines what goes into recall decisions, finding product managers often rely on physicians to find problems with devices. Additionally, device suppliers can be less likely to issue a recall until the cause of the defect is discovered, which can reduce recall costs.
When compared to an FDA-regulated baby monitor, two smartphone-integrated consumer monitors performed inconsistently and displayed incorrectly low pulse rates, according to a Aug. 21 research letter published in JAMA.
A team of Australian researchers found those who consulted online resources had better interactions, because it led to more informed discussions while not undermining trust in diagnoses and treatment plans. Still, while the activity was generally considered positive, searches could increase patient anxiety.
A research team at University of Sydney's Save Sight Institute in Australia was recently awarded a $1.1 million grant for a biopen that treats eye wounds. 
Aug 16, 2018 | Analytics & Quality
Express Scripts, the largest pharmacy benefits management company in the United States with annual revenue of $100 billion, looks like it’s trying to diversify its business offerings. In an interview with Reuters, Steve Miller, chief medical officer of Express Scripts, confirmed the organization is in negotiations with biotechnology companies to exclusively distribute hemophilia therapies.
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Aug 14, 2018 | Analytics & Quality
Researchers at TU Wien—a university in Vienna, Austria—have created an artificial placenta by using a 3D-printing process, according to a recent study.
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Aug 14, 2018 | Mobile & Telehealth
Garmin wearable devices are now compatible with the Cardiogram heart health app. 
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Aug 10, 2018 | Analytics & Quality
For about a decade, scientists have struggled to find an inexpensive, practical alternative to microfluidic probes. Following an experiment by a New York University research team, a new avenue may available to researchers.
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Aug 09, 2018 | Analytics & Quality
Some scientists are showing concern after an experiment used a gene-editing tool to fix a potentially fatal heart condition in a human embryo, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.
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Aug 06, 2018 | Analytics & Quality
The use of animations and graphics—instead of the traditional self-reporting and numerical scales—is a faster, more effective method for pain assessments in patients.
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