Algorithm predicts cartilage degeneration leading to osteoarthritis

Researchers from the University of Eastern Finland have developed a cartilage degenerative algorithm capable of predicting the progression of osteoarthritis in patients. The findings were published in Scientific Reports.

Detecting osteoarthritis (OA), the deterioration of articular cartilage, involves MRI or x-ray testing which can financially burden patients and fail to provide data on the risk of OA in its progression. This cartilage degeneration algorithm aims to predict OA progression to offer patients and providers with a comprehensive view to treat their OA.

The study applied the algorithm to 21 patients, who were OA-free at baseline, and put them into groups of patients with OA, patients with mild OA and patients with severe OA. After a four-year follow-up, researchers compared follow-up data to the algorithms predictions and found the algorithm was able to categorize patients in their correct groups.

Researcher hope the algorithm could assist patients as a clinical decision-making tool in personalizing treatment.