Interactive tool predicts potential of global vaccines in minutes

Decision Resources Group (DRG) have developed an interactive tool capable of testing the potential of vaccines in any global market and producing results in less than two minutes.

Modeling a vaccine's impact before administration can help predict how well it will protect the general population. The "Vaccines Epidemiology Dashboard" uses population data, historical vaccine coverage and an algorithm developed by DRG to produce a patient population forecast. The forecast can further be customized to include information on the comparable eligibility of BCG, DTP, Polio, Hepatitis B (birth dose), HPV, Japanese encephalitis, MCV, rota and yellow fever.

"The model was designed to be interactive so that users can very quickly size populations that are eligible for their products," said Nishant Kumar, a senior epidemiologist at DRG. "If a company is developing a vaccine, they will want to know how many people are eligible, whether there are any similar vaccines, and if so, what is the current coverage. It's very quick to do, because the forms allow you to layer in all of that data."

Results are presented in graphical and table formats where the projection of data on the changing population size through the year 2040 is also calculated with curves for vaccinated population, immune population and potential market size. These additional data points can be used for further research into the future vaccination landscape, compare assets with vaccine types and forecast the annual market size of any country.