NextGen Healthcare releases enhancements to EHR-mobile suite

Quality Systems, also known as NextGen Healthcare, have announced product enhancements to their mobile workflow system, including speech documentation for clinic and hospital support and facilitate the management of ICD-10 diagnoses.

NextGen Mobile Suite will now provide clinical documentation support for the hospital setting, allowing providers to switch between inpatient and outpatient cases from a single platform. Additionally, it will also include real-time access to the hospital census list for speech-driven documentation for quicker note-taking.

The suite also provides access to the IMO Problem IT Terminology diagnosis entry tool, allowing users to expedite and simplifying diagnosis codes into electronic health records. The tool has more than 800,000 clinical concepts and 1.8 million synonyms for improved accuracy in physician narrative when inputting data in EHRs.

“Industry dynamics are requiring physicians to be proficient in technology across multiple systems, devices and care settings. Our goal is simple—to provide easy-to-use solutions that allow clinicians to remain focused on delivering quality patient care and practice meaningful medicine,” said Rusty Frantz, President and CEO of NextGen Healthcare. “With these new enhancements, our platform allows physicians, and their entire care team, to remain productive by reducing the administrative burden, ultimately enabling better workflow management across systems, both in the ambulatory and inpatient setting alike.”