Physicians favor positive patient outcomes, ease-of-use over price when purchasing medical devices

A survey conducted by Vennli found that physicians favor positive patient outcomes and ease-of-use more than price and design when purchasing medical devices.

The survey included responses from 9,048 American clinicians. Considering the competitive nature of the medical device market, insight such as this can help developers in catering better to clinicians and patients.

Key findings included:

  • The top five attributes physicians reported as “important” when purchasing medical devices were consistent outcomes (94 percent), positive patient outcomes (93 percent), durability (88 percent), ease of use (86 percent) and efficacy (86 percent).
  • The least important attributes physician considered when purchasing medical devices were recommendations by key opinion leader (62 percent), low price (65 percent), education and training (66 percent), attractive design (67 percent) and innovation (69 percent).
  • The top five attributes in terms of product differentiation were low risk, efficacy, consistent outcomes, patient outcomes and proven/trusted brand.
  • The top five points of equivalence needed in medical devices were high performing product feature, recommended by an opinion leader, help attract new patients/retain patients, comprehensive product portfolio and basic product features.
  • Many medical device manufacturers were underperforming on the top attributes like patient outcomes, familiar procedure, efficacy, customer service, basic product features and flexible contract options.

“Addressing medical device marketing is a complex and ongoing task,” stated the survey. “There are major opportunities to differentiate your products even in a competitive environment. More importantly, by understanding the most important product attributes and the best opportunities for differentiation, your marketing team can effectively position your healthcare businesses. Armed with this information, your team will be contributing to driving revenue growth in record time.”