PointRight Analytics Go Mobile

PointRight Inc., the leader in data-driven analytics for health care and insurance, announces the combined launch of its new iPad App, which now enables providers to have mobile and flexible access to all of PointRight's data analytics services and reports via their iPad. The iPad app is available for free download via the Apple® iTunes® Store.

In tandem, PointRight also launched its new Q-Metrics dashboard, offering an executive summary of all PointRight's analytic services that impact core operations of a skilled nursing facility. The new dashboard gives immediate insights into key operational areas, including:

Reimbursement – Daily Medicare updates; Medicare volume, Medicare billing days trend by RUG Category; RUG/ADL scores

Clinical Performance – Outlier Quality Measure (QM) performance; new QM triggers; residents triggering more than five QMs;  

Rehospitalization – OnPoint-30: 30-day case-mix adjusted rehospitalization rates compared to the national average; for both Medicare and All Payer assessments;

Risk Management – Residents with high-level of impairment, or risk for rehospitalization, falls, pressure ulcers or death

MDS Data Quality/ Compliance – MDS data quality, sectional analysis, impact of intervention and compliance.

"Clearly, the demand for tablets and smartphones are increasingly coming from clinicians in the healthcare market, and, as analytics experts, we wanted to be on the forefront of this important, growing trend in the long-term care space," said Steven Littlehale, PointRight's Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer. "Providing customers with flexibility in accessing analytic reports will provide physicians, nurses, therapist and administrators with the information they need, when and where they need it, without searching down a desktop. They need to get information that's pertinent to them so they can react faster to changes, risk, care plans, interventions and other key actions required to improve quality of care while doing so at the lowest-possible cost. By making our reports accessible via an app and a high-productivity dashboard that provides a quick overview to pertinent information, it now takes only seconds to start applying the information and knowledge to improve performance."

All of PointRight's instant-access reports use both public and proprietary data and algorithms to translate data into action. Instant-access reports can be securely accessed through the new iPad app and displayed via the new Q-Metrics dashboard.  

About PointRight Inc.
PointRight is the industry leader in providing data-driven analytics and Web-based tools that measure risk, quality of care, rehospitalization, compliance and reimbursement accuracy in the healthcare and insurance industries. Using some of the largest and best databases in the industry, our nationally recognized clinical staff, researchers, and technologists expertly translate disparate data into usable information and insight. For more information, visit www.pointright.com.