Airstrip, GE mobilize ECG data
GE Healthcare and AirStrip Technologies have teamed up to put data from GE Healthcare's MUSE Cardiology Information System onto iPhones and iPads via the Airstrip Cardiology mobile application.

The app, which was demonstrated at the ACC meeting in New Orleans, will enable a flow of electrocardiograph (ECG) data and historical data access, according to San Antonio-based Airstrip Technologies. 

With AirStrip Cardiology, clinical information is available from 12- and 15-lead ECGs, according to AirStrip. Clinicians can view, in 10-second increments, current data and historical tests conducted within the past year, the company added.

Based on a GE and AirStrip global alliance for in-hospital cardiac diagnostics, U.S. hospitals can now purchase AirStrip Cardiology through GE. The technology directly links to the GE MUSE Cardiology Information System, a central cardiac repository that facilitates ECG analysis, supporting informed clinical decisions.