SafeMed joins Google Health, Cleveland Clinic PHR program
SafeMed, a provider of analytical software for clinical decision support, has formed a collaboration with Google Health, a new product that is currently being pilot-tested with the Cleveland Clinic.

The San Diego-based SafeMed said it will enable users to obtain personalized health feedback—such as potentially harmful drug interactions and other preventative guidelines—based on the user’s Google Health medical profile.

The company said it has collaborated with Google to integrate its SafeMed Analysis Engine into Google Health.

“The SafeMed Analysis Engine evaluates volumes of online information to intelligently identify, rank, and score new treatment options, and identify potentially harmful drug interactions that may already exist,” said Richard Noffsinger, CEO of SafeMed.

“The SafeMed software engine instantly identifies, personalizes, and prioritizes treatment options and is already being used by many doctors and patients today to make better medical decisions. Working with Google will only expand these capabilities,” said Ahmed Ghouri, MD, founder and chief medical officer of SafeMed.