Survey finds most patients appreciate benefits of technology in healthcare

Patients are comfortable with their physician using technology but 40 percent feel rushed during appointments, according to a survey of 3,000 adults across the U.S., U.K. and Germany conducted by Nuance Communications.

Almost all (97 percent) of patients said they are comfortable with technology with 58 percent believing it positively impacts their overall experience, especially when used collaboratively to educate or explain.

Patients agree on the following top three things physicians cannot ignore when it comes to quality medical care:

  • 73 percent say “time for discussion;”
  • 66 percent say “verbal communication of specific recommendations;”
  • The third-most important factor varies by region: patients in Germany choose privacy in the exam room, while patients in the U.S. and U.K. value eye contact with physicians.

“Patient engagement is more than just the buzzword of the moment – it’s a key to unlocking a healthier population and fixing some of the widening cracks of the healthcare system,” said Nick van Terheyden, MD, CMIO, Nuance. “As this survey shows, the relationship between physicians and their patients is paramount in truly achieving engagement with patients in ways that matter most to them.”

According to this survey, more than one-third of patients spend less than 10 minutes with their physician during an average visit.

As a result, patients are seeking information and embracing technology outside of the doctor’s office to come to appointments prepared. Approximately 80 percent of patients feel engaged in their own health, while:

  • 68 percent of patients bring a list of questions to each doctor’s consult;
  • 39 percent have checked WebMD or another online source in advance; and
  • 20 percent bring personal health data from outside monitors.

Access the report on Nuance’s website Art of Medicine, as well as an eGuide and related blogs.