Actuality Systems shows advances in 3D display
Actuality Systems is a developer of hardware and software which is able to create hologram-like Spacial 3D visualization of images which has uses in the treatment of cancer patients. The company had its flagship (works in progress) product - the Perspecta Spacial 3D system - on display at the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO) annual meeting in Denver, Colo., in mid-October.
The Perspecta Spatial 3D system is designed to improve evaluation and planning of radiation treatments. The system consists of a 20-inch dome that plugs into a PC to display full-color and full-motion MRI, x-ray, CT and nuclear medicine images in true 3D space, the company said.
With technologies currently in use, oncologists are forced to review hundreds of digital imaging slices to make a judgment as to where the dose is hitting. The Perspecta system is able to superimpose distribution of the radiation dose over the 3D patient image. The images can then be viewed and manipulated from any vantage point around the 360-degree dome.

The Perspecta Spatial 3D System is pending FDA approval, which the company hopes will come prior to the end of the year. The system is currently being used by qualified research institutions, the company said.