Acuant, Healthpac develop software to auto-fill EHRs

Acuant will partner with Healthpac, a provider of medical billing and practice management software, to develop an integrated automatic identity information system to reduce wait times during patient intake.

Using Acuant’s technology, which captures patient information from insurance cards and government IDs and auto-fills electronic health records, Healthpac, which serves more than 30,000 providers in 43 states, would be able to utilize this partnership to improve accuracy and reduce wait times.

"Healthcare organizations are looking for ways to streamline processes and be more efficient," said Buddy Claborn, CEO of Healthpac. "By partnering with Acuant, we are ensuring that our customers have the best option to improve patient intake, dramatically shortening transaction times with automated data capture that reduces errors and transaction time."

By eliminating data input, reducing the amount of human error and increasing efficiency, organizations may process claims more quickly and accurately.

"Moving a paper-driven process to digital not only cuts down on paperwork, it allows healthcare organizations to improve patient experience," said Yossi Zekri, CEO of Acuant. "Healthpac software frees healthcare staff from tedious paper-based systems, replacing them with powerful automated tools. Incorporating Acuant identity solutions reduces costs associated with redundant forms and incorrect information, improving the flow of patient information and transactions."