Hospital aims to improve care, streamline communication with ED info system

Grand River Hospital (GRH) announced Nov. 8 that it will Wellsoft’s emergency department information system (EDIS) for a 567-bed hospital in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Wellsoft, based in Somerset, New Jersey, will provide an EDIS that will integrate with GRH’s existing and future clinical information systems, implementing features such as patient tracking, clinical documentation and computerized provider order entry.

“Grand River Hospital works hard to improve the care of patients and their experiences in our emergency department,” said Jill Schitka, GRH’s ED program director. “We are confident Wellsoft’s patient software solution will offer our care providers faster and more accurate information about patient needs. It will help improve quality of care, productivity and efficiency.”

GRH, which cares for more than 65,000 patients annually, hopes the new system will reduce lengths of stay, ease transfer of care and streamline productivity and efficiency.