New DoD EHR system named GENESIS

Military Health System (MHS) officials say the Department of Defense's new EHR will be called MHS GENESIS and will launch at the end of calendar year 2016.  

According to a article, the DoD has purchased a state-of-the-art EHR to "support us in our mission to continue to provide high quality healthcare to our beneficiaries, as well as an agile, responsive system for our healthcare professionals." 

The military will begin implementing GENESIS in the Pacific Northwest at the end of this year, followed by a pre-planned, programmed installation expected to be completed over several years. The system will be available at any location throughout all DoD facilities, and accessible to all members of the DoD’s healthcare team. 

William M. Roberts, MD, MBA, a retired Navy rear admiral who serves as the MHS functional champion, told that the new EHR reflects a whole new way of doing business for the MHS. 

“We’ve looked at this process as finding what is best for the MHS as a whole, not just in individual areas,” said Roberts. “We see this as the latest step in making sure patients are able to be fully engaged in their own health.”